House of Fun Reviews

House of fun seems interesting with the name itself, so we thought of recording some reviews of those who have been playing it for some time now. Stated below are their experiences.

Some lovers now become haters of the game.

A user said- “I have been playing HOF slots for several years, but Hof has changed for the worse. Ever since they instituted the daily rush challenges, it is almost impossible to advance without purchasing coins. Once you reach a higher level and if you want to play, be prepared to buy coins. Like most other online “free” casino games, greed has taken over. Although they give good daily bonuses, much better than their competitors, it goes very fast. But, HOF does have the best slots online.”

Anjan Nangunoori Rao finds it interesting and addictive.

He said- “The game is quite entertaining and at times absorbing, and frankly, it becomes addictive, and I am still playing after so many years and still loving the game. I think it is one of the best games and updates keep giving more fun, and every time there are new games added, and now the games are getting trickier. You will never lose interest in HoF and truly speaking it’s never-ending entertaining games, as of today also, i.e. playing the games for more than ten years, I still feel the same.”

A User seems angry.

He says- “Bias. Maybe because I have not rated this app. I have recorded the games, and it is easy to see manipulation. Thank you for the 6m. Didn’t work. Cannot understand not seeing ANY cards can be considered random. Will persevere..7/8/20. Almost got me here. Will keep trying but way too biased towards purchase. Cannot comment on the fan page. BLOCKED. You have made it nearly impossible to progress in this game. All cards are no more than two stars if any at all. Goodbye”

Dylan Turner seems to be impressed too.

He says- “Great quality slots game. I have downloaded so many in the past. This has high quality, casino feeling games on here. Most of the other apps are rigged, they let you win on your last spin, or make you go bankrupt when betting massively, and when you lower your bet you win a feature 1st spin to keep you on. This game doesn’t feel like it has a huge payout potential, but still feels at least natural and feels more like luck and chance, not a rigged system like the other apps.”

Kathy Coon loves it for the Variety and Graphics

She is heard saying- “I love the variety of games. The graphics are amazing. The challenges of each match keep me coming back for more. Thank you. I hope you will keep coming out with new games. Can’t get enough. Lots of new games can’t keep up with them. I couldn’t even tell you what my favourite game is. The games keep getting better. Love them all.”

Susan Steiger found it torturing

She says- “This game is a form of torture, especially when they throw these ridiculous challenges at you. Oh yes if you think winning 700 million in the problem but you end up with fewer coins than you started with is not fun. Then they throw some small win at you and want you to rate them. Well, unfortunately, I don’t have an option to give them a negative rating. Overall not fun but rather house of torture.”