House of Fun Freebies

House of fun consists of more than 180 free casino slot machines, with multiple additions of new games with every new update that arrives every week. Each of these machines has different rules and features, providing various ways to win some virtual money. There are progressive jackpots, rales, unique challenges, and adds a lot of twists to the conventional slot machine experience.

In this article, you will learn about the House of fun freebies and how these can be collected while playing the game. Let’s get started!


  • There are certain advantages to the game as you get 100 free casino slots, spins and more 777 casino slots rewards, mini-games, bonuses, and jackpots. All this is just for downloading the game.
  • Earn a free coin bonus when you spin the Wheel of Fun on your daily visit and experience more fun, surprises, jackpots and other gifts!
  • Every player gets an option to choose between 1000 House of Fun free coins or 100 free spins on joining the game.
  • You can also claim a bonus of 225 coins every three hours at the bottom flashing at your screen, and you need to do absolutely nothing to get these.
  • You can also play exciting bonus games with lucky cards, and every lucky card lets you win extra lucky prizes, for more awesome casino slot machine goodies.
  • You can also spend your duplicate cards at the Star Market and choose your fantastic slot games rewards to maximise your earnings.
  • You can spin for packs to fill your album to grab sensational casino slot machine prize wins. You can earn a large coin reward when you finish your album!

Points to Remember!

  • Only click free spins bonus with less than 100 Clicks. Any Free Spins that have 100 clicks or above is expired.
  • Be aware of Daily Bonus Limit. House of Fun imposed this limit to balance the game. You can only collect 20 free spins or free coins. If you go beyond that, the game will tell you that you already reach your daily limit.
  • The default bet will vary depending on your current level. The higher your level, the better amount of bet you can get on your free spins
  • Collecting Free Spins is a risk you might get a big win or nothing at all. Each try will be counted on your daily free bonus limit.
  • If you are a New Player, you can collect most of the free coins but try not to be greedy there is always another day.
  • Collect 20 Free Coins per day and open the big ones first or the oldest one because they will expire soon. 


House of fun freebies increase as you level up in the game because with each progression you’ll unlock more machines, more game features, and, in theory, have more fun in this mini version of your average Las Vegas casino game.